About Edu Shedu

WHO Are We: EduShedu is a young company facilitating holistic learning and also help people pursue their interests. Our motto is to promote education along with co-curricular activities including dance, music, sketching, painting, fitness related activities, art & craft, theatre, and sports. What we do: We work hard to map various facilities for you so that you select the activity of your choice and not what is available. We believe every individual has a passion or a hobby and every age is perfect age to follow your passion. It could be a sport, a dance form or it could be to fill the canvas with paints or to perform on stage. We bring to you a complete platform that helps you discover great avenues around you. The platform helps you connect with like minded people so that you can give wings to your ideas and live your interests. How we do it: We believe in starting from the scratch. So, our team collects and updates information about various activities on a regular basis. We work among kids, in schools, on their playgrounds, in neighborhood parks, in drawing and music classes to ensure we bring to you the best. We stay in touch with parents, teachers and coaches to gather information because they know the best.