Mother’s day for all mothers.

Mother’s day is here. A day specially dedicated to those who have selflessly given us their everything. To those women who have dedicated their entire lives for our well being. To those women whose first priority is us. To those women who have taught us what  unconditional love means.
From waking up each morning just to prepare a hot breakfast for us before we head to school, to cuddling us when we have a nightmare. From sharing all of our fears and hopes, to helping us walk the right path. From teaching us how to tie our shoelaces, to teaching us our basic manners and etiquettes. Our mother’s have been through it all, with us and for us.
But wait. Mothers aren’t the only women in our lives who care more about us than they do about themselves. What about the women who do so much for the children they haven’t given birth to? What about the step mother’s, the teachers, the mother in laws, even the maids that have helped make our lives easier and full of love?
The world is full of mother figures, and only one is your biological mother. So this mother’s day, let’s celebrate all of them.
From the time you were were born, until you take your final breath, many women will play the role of your mother, impacting you in a way greater than you can imagine. This mother’s day, let’s thank each and every one of them. Let’s show them how incredibly much each of them means to us. One day, let’s do what they do on a daily basis: make their lives more comfortable. And then let’s try to keep doing it on a daily basis.
We so often tend to overlook the small things, but they never will. Make your mother a cup of tea after she comes back home from a long day at work, help her set the table, or maybe just even take out some time to actually talk to her.
Mother’s day is a day to celebrate the most important woman in your life, but honestly, one day isn’t enough to thank her for everything she is.


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