EduShedu Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

We respect your privacy and consider it an important element of our business and are committed to protecting it. Our privacy policy is pretty straight forward and describes:

These policies only apply to information you provide to us voluntarily through our services (e-mail,text or any other electronic communications associated with us) only.

The policy does not apply to data or information that is collected or voluntarily provided by you to any third party such as schools or any other activity centers which you would want to be associated with and/or pay through our services and social networks that you use in connection with our services.We advise you to confer directly to any such third party about their privacy policy.

Please read the policy carefully to fully understand about our information gathering and dissemination practices.By choosing to use this website , you agree to be governed by the terms and conditions of this privacy policy. If you do not agree to the privacy policy we simply advice you to not use this website. By accessing this website you are expressing consent to our use and disclosure of your data in accordance with the privacy policy.

A. Information collected and its usage.

We collect information to provide better services to all our users. We collect information in the following ways:

Information About Your Friends:

You are provided with the choice to invite your friends to join our services by providing their contact information.If you choose request a friend to join you in our services,we will only use your friends contact information that you provide to perform this request.

Information Collected Impromptu:

When you use our services, we automatically collect and/or store information.This information may or may not identify you personally.These may include:

Choice/Opt-Out: When you use our location -enabled services we may collect information about your device’s GPS location.Some of these services require your personal information for it to work.We use this data only as long as the service is required by you.If you choose to use this feature,you will be asked for your consent for your data being used for this purpose.You can secede your consent at any time by simply disabling the GPS or other location tracking functions on your device assuming you are catered to do so.

Cookies: We and our partnersmay use various methods and/or technologies to collect and store information when you visit our website,and this may include using cookies or other technologies to identify your browser or device.We also use these technologies to collect and store information when you interact with services we offer such as advertising services or other features that may appear on other sites.We also help businesses and site owners to analyze the traffic to their websites. This way,we store your preferences,exalt your experience by remitting content and advertising specific to your interests,track your use of our services and assist with security and administrative functions.
Note that it may be possible to disable some cookies through your device or browser settings but doing so might affect the functionality of certain features provided by our services. To modify your cookie settings,please visit your browser’s help settings.
Third-party websites whose products are advertised through our services, may also use cookies or similar tools and hence we advice you to check their privacy policies for information regarding their cookies and other information collecting methods.We cannot and do not hold responsibility for their practices and their own privacy policies govern their interaction with you.

B. How we use the information we collect:

We use the information we collect to provide,maintain, protect and improve our services.These include:

C.How we share the information we collect:

We do not share personal information with companies,organizations or individuals outside of EduShedu unless one of the following circumstances applies: